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We manage all your Amazon advertising

Amazon wants to take as much of your hard earned money as possible, but we don't play by that rule. We are not a spend focused agency. We are a "rank focused" agency and we do each and every campaign that helps organic ranking. We refuse to waste money on underperforming ads.

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Average YoY clients
revenue growth
Average ACoS
$35 M
Annual revenue
managed (2021)
Amazon Genius

Our services

We bring traffic to your listing and make sure they are converting. PPC is really the last step, before PPC we have to make sure the listing conversion is higher than competitors.

Full Listing Optimization

Your Amazon product listing impacts everything—from your ad costs to your search placement to your conversion rate. We pull out all the stops to set your product up for success with full-service listing optimization for Amazon. Our Listing Optimization Services includes the following:

1) Title, bullets (product features) & product description optimization

2)A+ Content Design with 500 words

3) Optimized images

4)Backnd search

PPC Management

Our team of Amazon experts and insiders helps you get more from your advertising so you can do more for your business. Whether you want to scale or profit we have the right strategy for you. Our PPC service includes:

1) Lower ACoS to increase profitability

2) Cut down wasted ad spend

3) Organic ranking improvement so you get more market share

4) Harvest golden keywords

5) Set budget to control spend

Product Launch

Launching on Amazon marketplaces requires more than keyword research, positive reviews, and product photography. Increasing sales velocity is crucial for a viral launch. Our launch service includes:

1) Full listing optimization

2) Developing a winning PPC strategy

3) Outside traffic generation

Recent success from our brands

High performing KPIs for some of the brands we serve.

Tiny Headed Kingdom

- Increased conversion by 20%
- Revenue increased by 80%
- ACoS decreased by 67%

Fluffy Blanc.

- Increased conversion by 31%
- Revenue increased by 98%
- ACoS decreased by 47%


- Increased conversion by 25%
- Revenue increased by 110%
- ACoS decreased by 26%

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it.

Tanveer and his team increased our Amazon PPC sales by over 200% and lowered ACOS by 55%. We are in very competitive category, so a top notch team to run our ads is a must.

Mindy Wang


My ACoS went from around 42% to half of that within two or three months, which I never thought was imaginable! but they were able to do that. Big shout out to the team!

Daniel Conlin


We've been working with Seller Explore from 2019. Great communicators with a focus on strategy, execution, and results. Within 6 months we became the best seller in our category and now we are dominating.



I’ve been working with the Seller Explore team since 2020 & they’ve driven an extra $1,500,000 at a 17.98% ACOS to date. I feel great about them managing our advertising & would recommend working with them!